Thousands in Bahrain Protest Sentence against Opposition Leader

2016-06-04 - 9:14 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Thousands of Bahrainis took to the streets on Friday (May 3, 2016) to protest against the ruling issued by a Bahraini appeals court, sentencing the Al-Wefaq Secretary-General and opposition leader, Sheikh Ali Salman, to 9 years in prison, demanding his immediate release.

Following Friday prayers, protestors marched through the streets of Diraz, holding Sheikh Ali Salman's pictures and chanting anti-regime slogans. Demonstrators also stressed that courts in Bahrain are under the ruling Al Khalifa family's control, calling for putting an end to their monopoly over power.

For his party, Al-Sadiq Mosque Imam Sheikh Mohammad Sanqour reiterated that the methods Sheikh Salman resorted to were all peaceful, asking about "the justification for such a harsh sentence, and if such penalties solve the crisis the country is going through?"

Elsewhere in Bilad Al-Qadim, hundreds of demonstrators rallied outside Al-Wefaq head's residence, demanding his release as well as all political prisoners, whose numbers according to human rights groups reached around 4,000.

Other areas across Bahrain also witnessed protests, condemning the court ruling, which Amnesty International said is clearly politically motivated.

Demonstrators also denounced the death penalties issued against 3 Bahrainis, who are accused by the authorities of killing police officers, including an Emirati, in clashes in Al-Daih village west of the capital Manama in March 2013.

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