Germany Dismayed by Harsh Ruling against Bahrain Opposition Leader, Doubts Proceedings

2016-06-01 - 9:32 م

Bahrain Mirror: The federal government of Germany expressed its dismay regarding the "harsh ruling" issued by a Bahraini court against Sheikh Ali Salman, the secretary-general of Al‑Wefaq opposition party.

"We are dismayed by this harsh ruling against the leader of the opposition party. There are serious doubts as to whether the proceedings complied with principles of due process. It is to be feared that this decision will additionally complicate the resumption of national dialogue," said a Federal Foreign Office Spokesperson in statement on Tuesday (May 31, 2016).

"The process of reconciliation between Shiites and Sunnis in Bahrain must be continued. Long‑term stability and prosperity in Bahrain can only be achieved on the basis of the rule of law, pluralism and respect for human rights. This includes the right to freedom of expression," the statement further read.

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