Prisoners Rights Commission: 1,000 Inmates Held in Jaw Prison over Riot-Related Charges

2016-05-26 - 9:24 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Prisoners and Detainees Rights Commission (PDRC) said on Wednesday (May 25, 2016) that the number of prisoners arrested over ( politically-motivated) riot charges reached about 1,000.

The committee said, in a report released regarding the visit it paid to the Reform and Rehabilitation Department at Jaw Central Prison during November 2015, that the number of inmates reached 2,468, when it can only comprise 2,145.

"The number of Bahraini inmates reached 1,944, while number of non-Bahrainis reached 524. The number of prisoners according to the crimes they committed was distributed as follows: Homicide (48 inmates), Drugs (663 inmates), Theft (224 inmates), Terrorism and Riots (1,021) and other crimes including traffic violations, illegal residence and financial embezzlement and others (512 inmates)," added the report.

Jaw Prison is allocated to only hold prisoners who have received judicial sentences. Meanwhile, Dry Dock Prison is allocated to hold detainees. Bahraini human rights organizations estimate the number of political prisoners at around 4,000.

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