Saudi Border Guard Killed, Three Wounded in Mine Blast: Agency

2016-05-24 - 5:42 م

Bahrain Mirror (Reuters): A Saudi border guard was killed and three others were wounded by a landmine that exploded while on patrol alongside the border with Yemen on Monday, state news agency SPA reported quoting an interior ministry spokesman.

The frontier has been largely calm since March after the Saudi government reached an understanding with Yemen's Houthi group to stop firing across the border in a move that had paved the way for peace talks now underway in Kuwait.

SPA said the mine exploded in the morning in the Jizan region in southern Saudi Arabia when two border patrols passed on a designated road near the border with Yemen.

One soldier died in the blast while three others were wounded and were taken to a hospital, the agency said.

It was not immediately clear if the mine had been planted recently or had been there prior to the calm in place since March.

The United Nations has estimated that more than 6,200 people have died in Yemen since the war began in March last year. Saudi Arabia has reported dozens of its soldiers or civilians have been killed in the conflict.


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