Rayhana Al-Mosawi's Statements Prompt Anger in Gulf & Questions about Emirati Role in Bahrain

2016-05-19 - 10:34 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The statements of the recently released Bahraini detainee, Rayhana Al-Mosawi, regarding the inhumane treatment she was subjected to in Bahraini prison prompted widespread international and local reactions. Rayhana's statements severely criticized the practices of security bodies in the island kingdom. Meanwhile, other comments focused on the role of Emirati officers in interrogating her.

Rayhana Al-Mosawi told "Bahrain Mirror" that Emirate officers questioned her and that she was completely stripped of her clothes on camera.  

"All people of the region must read the story of this brave woman to know what law, judiciary and authorities we are ruled by," tweeted an Emirati human rights activist posted on his personal account

"Yes gentlemen, this is taking place in our region. Even worse things are taking place. I am pretty sure that these practices will be an important cause to liberate the people of the region from tyranny," he added, stressing that the judiciary in the Gulf is merely a tool used by the authorities.

Anwar Al-Rasheed, President of the Gulf Civil Society Associations Forum, asked Abu Dhabi's Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, Mohammed bin Zayed, about the truth behind Emirati officers taking part in Rayhana's interrogation: "I ask the Emirati intelligence that follows me to refute the news or hold the perpetrators accountable."

"We will not allow anyone to humiliate Gulf women. We will follow up the case and will not let this crime go unnoticed," Al-Rasheed stressed.

The UAE sent thousands of its troops to back the Al Khalifa family in crushing the popular protests that aimed at putting an end to ruling Al Khalifa family's monopoly over power. In March 2013, an Emirati officer was killed during clashes with protestors in Bahrain's Jidhafs.

For his part, Head of the Central Committee of the National Democratic Action Society, Yousif Al-Khaja, said that Rayhana Al-Mosawi exposed the security bodies, demanding that "everyone responsible for these violations be held accountable."

Meanwhile, human rights activist Ibtissam Al-Sabbagh commented on her twitter account by saying: "All of Rayhana's statements were not strange to us; however, it is very strange that the Supreme Council for Women that brags about protecting women from violence remained silent."

The Supreme Council for Women headed by Sabika bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa did not play any role in addressing the violations practiced against Bahraini women since the events erupted in the country on February 14, 2011.

The Bahraini authorities arrested dozens of Bahraini women and dismissed a number from their jobs. Imprisoned women complain about being tortured, sexually assaulted and treated in an inhumane and degrading fashion. One of the victims of police violence was Martyr Bahiya Al-Aradi was killed by gunshots fired by policemen among others who died due to acts of violence and tear gas.

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