Lawyer Al-Tajer’s Office: Prosecution Summoned Rayhana Al-Mosawi to See Forensic Dr. 3 Years after Torture Case

2016-05-16 - 2:47 م

Bahrain Mirror: Office of lawyer Mohammad Al-Tajer, attorney of released detainee Rayhana Al-Mosawi, said that Al-Mosawi received a phone call from Bahrain's Special Investigation Unit (SIU) asking her to be examined by a forensic physician and undergo medical tests, three years after filing her complaint about being subjected to torture and maltreatment during her the time of her detention.

The Al-Tajer's office stressed in a statement that "three years after the crime of torture and maltreatment she was subjected to and after the physical evidence of the crime disappeared, Rayhana Al-Mosawi was asked to undergo a new medical test by a forensic physician," noting that "this is the second test Rayhana undergoes without receiving any results."

The statement highlighted that Al-Mosawi was told on Thursday night to see a forensic doctor "to examine the continuous side effects due to what she the physical and psychological torture she had suffered, as Al-Mosawi affirmed after she was summoned by the SIU for interrogation that she is still suffering from partial loss of hearing in her left ear, eye problems and cramps, as well as the physiological state she is experiencing as a result of the torture and mistreatment she suffered from during her detention period.  

The statement said "Rayhana was told to answer questions that are not relevant to the subject of torture and mistreatment complaints. She was asked degrading questions; about the identities of the people who interviewed her. She was also questioned about who stripped her of her clothes and their superiors; a matter that can be easily known from the place of investigation and the officials there at the time.

An interview with Rayhana Al-Mosawi  published by "Bahrain Mirror" prompted local and Gulf reactions after it revelaed that Emirati officers interrogated Al-Mosawi while policewomen stripped her of her clothes.

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