Rayhana Al-Mosawi Responds to Public Security Chief: I Already Filed Complaint to Ombudsman in 2013

2016-05-07 - 3:04 ص

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The recently released detainee Rayhana Al-Mosawi, in response to Bahrain's Chief of Public Security Tariq Al-Hassan who doubted the statements she made in an interview with Bahrain Mirror, said: "What I have mentioned has been already filed as a complaint in May 2013 to the Ombudsman and I have a copy of this complaint."

Al-Mosawi stressed that a copy of the complaint can be found at "the office of lawyer Mohmmad Al-Tajer, Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society and the National Institution for Human Rights which Abdullah Al-Dirazi represented." Al-Hassan claimed that "the Ombudsman and Special Investigation Unit looked into the complaints and referred those confirmed to the judiciary."

Al-Mosawi further stated that Abdullah Al-Dirazi "visited her in her prison cell yet did not pay much attention to her complaint." As for the issue of providing evidence, Rayhana sarcastically asked: "Can a person held inside the Criminal Investigation Department hold a camera [and record] or can his lawyer or relatives accompany him to witness what he is being subjected to!?"

Rayhana Al-Mosawi also stressed that she "signed papers, not knowing what their content is, in the public prosecution building in the presence of a member of the Fakhro family, who is affiliated to the Special Investigation Unit," whose duty is to investigate the violations committed by members of security bodies.

Bahrain Mirror received the following copy of the Ombudsman's letter sent to Rayhana Al-Mosawi, dated on October 1st, 2014, in which it confirmed that it received Al-Mosawi's complaint and is following up further updates with the Special Investigation Unit.


Ombudsman's reply (October 2014) to Rayhana Al-Mosawi's complaint

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