Rayhana Al-Mosawi Released after Serving 3 Years in Prison

2016-04-22 - 4:43 ص

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The Bahraini authorities released on Wednesday (April 20, 2016) detainee Rayhana Al-Mosawi after serving her 3-year jail term, which is considered the longest term served by a Bahraini female over politically-motivated charges.

Activists published photos of Rayhana Al-Mosawi on social media, after she was released, along with a number of her family members.

Al-Mosawi was arrested on April 20, 2013 along with Nafeesa Al-Asfoor while protesting outside the Formula One Circuit. Human rights reports said that Al-Mosawi was severely tortured. Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch condemned Al-Mosawi's arrest and called for her release.

Rayhana was charged with joining a group and involvement in planning to detonate a homemade bomb during the F1 race. She was later charged with joining the February 14 Youth Coalition.

Rayhana Al-Mosawi was initially sentenced to 8 years in prison; 5 years over the Formula One case and 3 years over the coalition. However, the case of F1 was dropped after her friend Nafeesa Al-Asfoor was released by a royal pardon.

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