Seminar in Sweden's Malmo Denounces Saudi Crimes in Bahrain & Yemen

2016-03-16 - 9:36 م

Bahrain Mirror: Participants in a seminar entitled "Saudi interference in Bahrain and Yemen and its threat to the region and world security" denounced the Saudi acts of interference in Bahraini and Yemeni affairs, stressing that they are a cause of further aggravation of the situation in the region.

The seminar, held in the Swedish city of Malmo on the fifth anniversary of the Peninsula Shield's entrance to Bahrain, condemned the silence of the international community regarding these acts of interference, demanding that the Saudi regime be held accountable for the crimes it commits.

The Yemeni human rights activist Abdulsalam Al-Thahebi shed light on the Saudi violations practiced against Yemenis and deemed "the Saudi blatant interference a cause of aggravation in the region".

"This wasn't the only intervention, Saudi Arabia sent its troops to Bahrain to silence the oppressed people who demanded their legitimate rights," he further stated, highlighting the role of Sheba Organization for Defending Human Rights in "unveiling the crimes committed by the Saudis and urging that the perpetrators be held accountable".

For his part, the Sociology Professor Abdulhadi Khalaf said that the Saudi king was waiting for the Bahraini Prime Minister Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa's OK to send his troops to Bahrain in order to put an end to the uprising.

Khalaf further stated that due to the Saudi intervention "Bahrain has witnessed several uprisings throughout the past six decades; however, the people have never been subjected to severe violations as those they were exposed to in the Lulu (Pearl) uprising as a result of the systematic crackdown," pointing out that the demolition of mosques and places of worship has never taken place before.

"Some prisoners were subjected to torture until death inside the prisons of Al Khalifa amid international silence [...] I hope that Bahrainis will meet their demands at the end," he added.

On the sidelines of the seminar, a photo gallery was organized, showing a portion of the Saudi violations committed against Bahrainis and Yemenis.



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