Bahraini Court Acquits 9 Policemen of Torture Charges

2016-03-09 - 10:31 م

Bahrain Mirror: A Bahraini court upheld the verdict to acquit nine policemen of the charge of assaulting, beating and torturing 13 prisoners, as part as what international organizations describe as an ongoing "impunity policy" followed in the country.

The Public Prosecution accused the suspects of violating the bodily integrity of 13 inmates in May 2013 by beating them with the hands, legs and tools such wooden rods and sticks. The injuries disabled the victims for 20 days.

A Court of First Instance; however, acquitted on August 25, 2014 the suspects of the charges brought against them before the Public Prosecution appealed the verdict.

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التعليقات المنشورة لا تعبر بالضرورة عن رأي الموقع

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