Security Forces Remove Husseini Food Stands by Force in Bilad Al-Qadeem

2016-03-03 - 12:13 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Social media activists said that Bahraini Ministry of Interior forces raided on Tuesday morning (March 1, 2016) Bilad Al-Qadeem and Al-Zinj villages, and also vandalized and removed a number of Husseini "free food stands" by force.

This escalation comes after the Bahraini Minister of Interior delivered a speech a few days ago in which he attacked the Shiite majority and accused them of being subordinates to Iran.

Following the minister's speech, security forces launched a series of attacks, including the summoning of prominent Shiite clerics and the vandalism and removal of Husseini food stands in Manama, Ras Rumman and Sanabis.

The Shiite community in Bahrain complains of discrimination and oppression and calls for restricting the influence of the ruling Al Khalifa family, belonging to the Sunni minority.



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