After Bahraini National's Martyrdom in Qatif, Bahrain Voices its Support for Saudi Arabia

2016-02-25 - 11:35 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Foreign Ministry reiterated that it backs Saudi Arabia and completely supports the measures it has taken to reinforce security. This statement came as a comment on the death of a Bahraini national in Al-Awamiya area at the hands of Saudi forces.

In a statement in Tuesday night (February 24, 2016), the Foreign Ministry said: "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is following up with great interest the Saudi authorities' statement on the death of a Bahraini national who was wanted by security authorities there, as the Interior Ministry in Bahrain continues to contact and coordinate with the Saudi Interior Ministry with regards to the circumstances and developments of the incident."

"The Foreign Ministry appreciates the leading and central role of our sister state, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in countering terrorism in order to restore security and stability in the region and world, as it stresses in the Kingdom of Bahrain's complete support for all the measures Saudi Arabia takes to fight terrorism and reinforce security and peace across the kingdom," the ministry added.

The Bahraini, Ali Mahmoud Abdallah (30 years old), who was born to a Saudi Qatifi mother, was martyred at the hands of Saudi forces during their siege on Al-Awamiya area and campaign of house raids, using heavy live rounds of fire.

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