Amnesty Urges Bahrain to Launch Investigation into Detainee Ali Al-Tajer's Torture Allegations

2016-02-13 - 12:09 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Amnesty International called on the Bahraini authorities to investigate Ali Isa Al-Tajer's torture allegations promptly. In an urgent action statement issued on Thursday (February 11, 2016), Amnesty also urged Bahrain to publish the results, including the results of any medical examinations and bring those responsible to justice.

The human rights organization further called on the kingdom to "disregard any confessions extracted under torture in any proceeding against him," also urging the authorities to " take him to see a urologist and orthopaedic consultant, as recommended by the forensic doctor, and ensure he has access to any medical care that he may require."

Amnesty also stated that the island kingdom should  "ensure Ali Isa al-Tajer and other prisoners are held in humane conditions, including by allowing them adequate winter clothing."

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