Al-Wefaq Confirms Naturalization Costs State Budget Over 20%

2016-02-10 - 12:21 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Wefaq team following up the naturalization issue in Bahrain confirmed that the political naturalization process is costing the Bahraini government over 20% of its general budget, stressing that putting an end to this disastrous policy and dealing with all of its consequences will constitute a primary solution to the economic crises the country is suffering from.

The Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society further stated that naturalization and its financial and economic ramifications is estimated to reach millions of dollars annually. These millions can benefit the nation and its people instead of increasing its burdens, pressures and threats, Al-Wefaq added, "especially that the authorities are cutting the citizens' incomes to cover their financial and economic failures and public deficit which are a result of the government's unilateral decisions and control over the country's money and resources."

The Al-Wefaq team also highlighted that official statistics show a 20% increase in naturalized citizens despite the media blackout on this issue.

It further noted that this crisis is an opportunity and call addressed to all the devoted and rational Bahrainis to stop this political naturalization process immediately and put an end to the wastage of public money and resources aiming at dominating the indigenous Shiites and Sunnis  and changing the country's demographics threatening its future.

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