Amnesty: Ahmed Mushaima’ Released after Serving 1 Year Prison Term for Publicly Insulting King

2016-02-06 - 2:00 ص

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Amnesty International stated that eulogy reciter Ahmad Mushaima' (son of prominent detainee Hassan Mushaima') was released, after serving a one-year prison sentence for "publicly insulting the King of Bahrain".

Amnesty said in a statement issued on Wednesday (February 3, 2016) that Mashima' was convicted in December 2014 of "publicly insulting the King of Bahrain" after reciting a poem on November 1st during a religious gathering on Ashura in Al-Muharraq, northeast of the Bahraini capital, Manama.

The poem cited growing injustice in Bahrain and described "an unjust ruler who breaks promises and sheds blood".

Amnesty added that "Ahmad Mushaima' is still on trial, as another case was brought against him in December 2013 after he had taken part in a public gathering on 14 February that year to mark the second anniversary of the start of the uprising. He was charged with illegal gathering with intent to commit crimes and disturb public security".

"On 12 January 2016 the Lower Criminal Court in Manama adjourned his hearing for this other charge to 15 May," it further stated.

Ahmed Mushaima' told Amnesty that "he wanted to express his thanks to the organization's supporters and members for defending human rights. He said that highlighting and following up on his case helped ease his pain and suffering."

Concluding its statement, Amnesty said: "No further action is requested now. We will continue to monitor Ahmad Mashima's situation. Many thanks to all who sent appeals."

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