Al-Singace Ends 313-Day Hunger Strike

2016-01-30 - 1:38 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini opposition leader Abdul Jalil Al-Singace announced on Thursday (January 28, 2016) that he ended his hunger strike which lasted for 313 days, protesting the abuse practiced against the detainees in Jaw Central Prison following the unrest that erupted in March 2015.

Haq Movement said that Al-Singace's health deteriorated which required to referring him to the police clinic owned by Bahrain's Ministry of Interior at Al-Qalaa (the headquarters of the Ministry of Interior in Al-Manama). He will stay in the clinic to receive treatment for the symptoms caused by being on strike for a long period of time.

The results of medical tests showed that Al-Singace suffered from low blood pressure, deterioration of his immune system, twitching of his limbs, chest and shoulder muscles, gastrointestinal disorder in addition to vertigo.

Haq Movement further stressed that Al-Singace chose number 13 after 300 to remind of the case of the 13 figures, who are still detained for expressing their political opinion and peaceful activism.

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