BFHR’s New Book Documents 49 Cases of Killed Children & Fetuses


2016-01-28 - 8:59 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahrain Forum for Human Rights (BFHR) published a special book documenting how 49 Bahraini children and fetuses lost their right to live by deliberate or extrajudicial killings practiced by the Bahraini authorities.

The book entitled, "Bahrain: An Expert in Killing its Children" talks about the killings of three children by gunfire and five other by shotgun pellets. The book also explains the deaths of three children who were killed after being ran over by cars, and lists 37 other deaths caused by suffocation with teargas and another as a result of being banned from medical treatment.

BFHR called for taking the just measures that guarantee pursuing the perpetrators of these crimes through establishing an independent commission to interrogate those responsible for killing this number of children and bring them to justice. It further urged putting an end to impunity and verdicts issued by the judiciary bodies and public prosecution that justify the actions of perpetrators labeling them as "cases of self defence".

Bahrain Forum also insisted on fairly compensating the victims' families in a way that suits the losses from which they suffered.


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