MoI Denies Jaffaria Endowments Claim: We Didn’t Promise to Repair Al-Marzooq Hussainia & Informed Prosecution about Gunfire Incident

2016-01-15 - 9:31 م

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Ministry of Interior denied that it promised the Jaffaria Endowments (Waqf) to repair the damage in Al-Marzooq Hussainia in Al-Sanabis, which was caused by live rounds of bullets fired by an unknown suspect.

The General Director of the Capital Governorate Police announced on Wednesday that the operations room received on January 11, a report of damage caused to a Hussainia in Sitra Wadian.

He explained that as soon as they received the report, the security patrols and competent parties went to inspect the scene. The preliminary inspection proved that some windows and the ceiling were damaged as well as an outside wall. The Public Prosecution was notified and an investigation was launched to reveal the circumstances of the incident and identify the perpetrators in order to make arrests.

The General Director stressed that the aforementioned region did not witness any security incidents at the time the report was filed; pointing out that what was circulated about promises to repair the damages is not true. We are not the competent party, our role is to investigate and reveal the circumstances of the incident.

The Ministry of Endowments had announced after the incident that it contacted the Ministry of Interior that said the gunfire attack took place by mistake and promised to repair the damages.

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