Bahraini Opposition Warns of Dwindling of Middle Class: Raising Prices Threatens Civil Peace

2016-01-15 - 5:58 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini national democratic opposition forces warned of the negative consequences of lifting subsidies on basic commodities and the economic and financial deterioration on the citizens' purchasing capabilities, the shifting of citizen classes to poverty line and continued dwindling of the middle class. This as a result threatens civil peace and social stability, for which the government would be responsible. They further rejected the justifications announced by the government for lifting subsidies and raising prices.

The  national opposition parties (Al-Wefaq, Wa'ad, Nationalist Democratic Society and National Fraternity Society) stressed in a statement issued on Tuesday (January 12, 2016) on the need to stop what it called "the policy of citizen impoverishment and the withholding of real information", insisting that getting out of these crises begins with "involving the citizen in the decision-making process through a genuine partnership and thus initiating an inclusive national dialogue which would open the prospects to resolve the incurable political constitutional crisis and contribute to finding solutions to counter the citizens' deteriorating living conditions. They also stressed on the need to abandon the security policy which led the country to all these crises whose consequences resulted primarily in affecting the rights and earnings of citizens.

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