US Official: Last Bahrain Participation in Strikes on ISIS Launched Last Autumn

2015-12-12 - 1:53 ص

Bahrain Mirror: A US official revealed the truth about the gulf states' participation in the international coalition in the fight against the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS), stating that the last participation made by Bahrain in this campaign took place last autumn. As for Saudi Arabia, its efforts became directed towards Yemen and it now settles for launching strikes only one time every month as the United Arab Emirates. Jordan's last contribution to the war took place last August.

The official who didn't disclose his name in a statement to CNN said that the latest estimates of the international coalition operations against ISIS show that around 23,000 ISIS militants were killed since the launch of the campaign.
He further stated that the coalition have launched 8,700 airstrikes on ISIS targets to date, 6,700 of which were launched by the United States.

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