Trial of Suspect Accused of Insulting via Twitter Bahraini Forces over Yemen War Begins

2015-12-05 - 10:37 م

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's First High Criminal Court, presided over by judge Mohammad bin Ali Al Khalifa with the membership of judges Dia' Huraidi and Issam-Eldeen Mohammad Khalil and Naji Abdullah as secretariat, looked into a case of a suspect accused of intentionally spreading rumors during wartime and inciting hatred against a sect, on Thursday (December 3, 2015).

The court set January 17, 2016 as a date for deliberation, and presenting the lawyer a copy of the case documents.

The accused denied the charges brought against him. The lawyer Jassim Serhan was present with the accused and requested a copy of the case documents and the release of the suspect.

The Public Prosecution claimed that the suspect, in September 2015, "spread information during wartime in a manner that damaged war preparations and military operations of the armed forces" and that he spread fear among people. The prosecution also accused him of publicly inciting hatred against people in way that harms security.

The authorities said that the investigations of the Anti-Corruption and Economic and Electronic Security led them to the Twitter user who tweeted and retweeted posts insulting the Bahraini soldiers participating in the coalition force. He also posted tweets aiming at defaming the Sunni sect.

During the prosecution investigations, the suspect denied any responsibility for the tweets and said that his account was hacked 3 years ago but he disregarded the issue since no one knows that he owns the account.

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