Bahrain’s Opposition Leader Calls on “Free World” to Deal with Bahrain Based on HRW Report Facts

2015-11-28 - 10:48 م

Bahrain Mirror: The detained leader of Bahraini opposition, Sheikh Ali Salman, welcomed the human rights report issued by Human Rights Watch calling on the "free world" to deal with Bahrain according to the facts mentioned in the report.

The official Twitter account of Sheikh Salman quoted him as saying: "There is no excuse for any party to abandon supporting the demands of the majority of Bahraini people; the demands of freedom and democracy, when faced with these facts mentioned by the HRW report."

HRW has issued a report a few days ago entitled "The Blood of People who Don't Cooperate" in which it included a number of testimonies given by detainees, who were tortured inside Bahraini prisons.

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