Bahrain Capital Municipality: No Plan to Shelter Rain Victims & We Expect to Face Crisis in Coming Days

2015-11-28 - 4:29 ص

Bahrain Mirror: In response to the press that criticized the Bahraini capital municipality for not discussing rain issues during its session, as various villages across the Bahraini Kingdom were affected by the rainfall, particularly the capital Manama that has weak infrastructure, the chairman of the Capital Municipal Council Mohammed Ali Al-Khuzai said: "What is happening is expected due to the weakness of the infrastructure and imbalance between the preparations and the severeness of problem. We are expecting to face a crisis in the coming days."

Al-Khuzai explained that "there is no plan to shelter victims of rain. I have already filed requests to allocate 10,000 BD to such cases and providing apartments to shelter rain and fire victims. However, my demand was not met."

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