Bilad Al-Qadeem Detainees Transferred to “Dry Dock Prison” held for One Month

2015-11-28 - 4:20 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Parents of 9 detainees from Bilad Al-Qadeem said that they received calls from their sons on Thursday (November 26, 2015), stating that they were transferred to the Pre-Trial Detention Center in Dry Dock Prison and detained for a whole month, after they remained in custody for more than 3 weeks in the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

A recent report issued by Human Rights Watch said that the CID is considered one of the centers in which detainees are exposed to torture.

The Bahraini regime forces have arrested these 9 citizens within a widespread campaign launched on November 3, 2015. Dozens of citizens were taken into custody as a result. The Ministry of Interior issued a statement later on saying that it arrested dangerous terrorist group members.

While the parents demanded the immediate release of their detained sons, they stressed that "any confession extracted from their children under torture and force has no value whatsoever."

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