International HR Commission: Bahrain Issues Death Penalties with No legal Justifications

2015-11-20 - 2:53 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The International Human Rights Ambassador to the Middle East Haitham Abu Saeed said that "Bahrain's government issues death sentences with no legal justifications," pointing out that "since the eruption of the popular movement calling for reforms and participation in the government on February 14, 2011, 7 people have been sentenced to death, 5 of whom are waiting for the court of appeals to issue its final verdict in their case, noting that the appeals will not change the verdict."

In a statement, Abu Saeed warned of "proceeding in this approach that contradicts with the laws and the International Bill of Human Rights that banned all UN members from executing death sentences," stressing that "the Bahraini courts are completely subjected to the pressures exercised by the political and security authorities in the country that oblige the judiciary to issue such sentences or else lose their position as judges or have security issues fabricated against them." He also warned of "the aggravation of this issue that would lead to a long-term judicial crisis if the local aggrieved committees in Bahrain decided to resort the judiciary. These committees have not actually taken action in this regard yet and only met with competent officials abroad."

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