Court of Cassation Hands down Death Sentences to Mohammad Ramadan & Hussein Mousa…Decision in Hands of King

2015-11-19 - 3:25 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini court of cassation upheld on Monday (November 16, 2015) the death penalty against the two detainees, Mohammad Ramadan and Hussein Ali Mousa, over charges of killing a policeman in Al-Dair bombing that took place in 2014 and upheld prison sentences against 10 others.

On his Twitter account, Defence lawyer Mohammed Al-Tajir said that "upholding the sentence means that the King is to decide now whether the death sentences should be carried out."

Attorney-General Nayef Yousef stated that the court of cassation issued its sentence in the appeals brought by the convicted in the case of killing the policeman Abulwahed Sayed Mohammad Fakir and attempting to kill other policemen. Hassan Mosa and Mohammed Ramadan were among the 12 charged in the case. The court sentenced the first two appellants to death and upheld the prison sentences given to the rest of appellants.

The Public Prosecution stated that all the suspects on February 14, 2014 deliberately killed policeman Abulwahed Sayed Mohammad Fakir and intended to kill other policemen assigned to maintain security in Al-Dair. According to the plan set by the first and second suspects, they planted a bomb in one of the locations where they aimed at attracting the policemen to and attacked the forces. As soon as the policeman arrived to the location, the suspects detonated the bomb remotely aiming at killing him. As a result, he sustained injuries which led to his death. They also attempted to kill the other policemen in the same way for a terrorist aim. The suspects are also accused of causing riots, assembling, detonating bombs, acquiring Molotov cocktails and using them in a way that endangers people's lives.

The prosecution relied on the confessions of the six arrested suspects to convict them. Their lawyers say that their confessions were extracted under duress.

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