Saudi Newspaper: Bahrain Leans Towards Severing Ties with Iran

2015-11-11 - 2:05 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The Saudi "Al-Hayat" newspaper reported from what it described as well-informed sources their expectations that "the ties between Bahrain and Iran is leaning towards being severed after Iran recruited members planning to execute terrorist operations in Bahrain. In addition, these members contacted with Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps to follow up on what they are planning for. Meanwhile, Iran's Revolutionary Guard trained its agents in Bahrain, in camps in Iran and Iraq, on the use of arms, manufacture, smuggling and strorage of explosives and bombs, according to these sources.

The newspaper said that "expelling the Iranian ambassador from Manama and withdrawing Bahrain's ambassador from Tehran on the onset of October 2015 did not stop raising mutual accusations. Iran continues, through its agents, its attempts to execute terrorist operations targeting Bahrain's security and is still meddling in Bahrain's internal affairs to expand its control. The sources expected that the economic and trade activities between the two countries will be brought to a halt. They added that the flights between the two countries may also stop. If officially acknowledged, this will be the first Gulf State to take this step."

The Saudi newspaper reiterated what the Bahraini security bodies said during the past period that they uncovered storerooms of locally manufactures bombs and bomb-making materials including C4, TATP, Urea Nitrate, Nitrocellulose, ammunition, anti-personnel bombs along with armor-piercing shells and others.

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