Calls for Release of Sheikh Abduljalil Al-Meqdad & his Detained Family Members to Attend Brother’s Funeral

2015-11-07 - 1:11 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's main opposition group Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society urged on Thursday (November 5, 2015) the release of the prisoner of conscience Sheikh Abduljalil Al-Meqdad so he would be able to attend his brother's funeral, Abdulhussein Radi Al-Meqdad.

Al-Wefaq Stressed that it's one of the human rights of all prisoners and that there is no need to deprive him of this right for any reason.

Tweeters called for the release of the detained members of this family under the hashtag #Al-Meqdad_Family_Members_Detained_Their_Funeral_Suspended, pointing out that the prison adminstration's refusal to release them means that they are playing with their emotions.

The president of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights Nabeel Rajab wrote: "Three days and Sheikh Al-Meqdad and his brother are still awaiting the prison head to temporarily release them so they could attend their brother's funeral."

For her part, lawyer Rima Al-Shaalan said: "Prison doesn't mean stripping the prisoner of his humanity, what is painful is when one of your relatives dies and you are deprived of attending his funeral because you are languishing behind bars."

Al-Bilad online newspaper wondered: "How does Al-Meqdad's bereaved mother feel as she waits for her sons and grandchildren to gather and attend the funeral of their late family member?"

Despite increasing calls for the release of the detained Al-Meqdad family members, the prison administration still refuses to comment and is stalling their release.

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