Families of Bilad Al-Qadeem Detainees: Our Children Are Forcibly Disappeared..Confessions Under Torture Have No Value

2015-11-05 - 11:58 م

Bahrain Mirror: Families of Bilad Al-Qadeem detainees, who were taken into custody within a widespread campaign launched by the Bahraini security forces on Tuesday (November 3, 2015), said that their sons are forcibly disappeared and that any confession extracted from them under torture has no value.

The families said in a statement that the search and arrest procedures took place in an arbitrary manner and without warrants from the Public Prosecution. This is considered to be a clear violation of local laws and international conventions, the families further stated.

They added that they have lost contact with their detained sons for the second consecutive day: "As we express our deep concern over our sons' safety, we hold the authorities accountable in case they are harmed or tortured."

They went on to say that "according to international norms, our sons are forcibly disappeared. We stress on our right and the right of their lawyers to contact them."

While the families demanded the immediate release of their detained sons, they stressed "that any confession extracted from their children under torture and force has no value."

The authorities arrested 45 citizens on Tuesday (November 3, 2015) within a widespread campaign of arrests. Eight of the citizens taken into custody were from Bilad Al-Qadeem; they are: Hassan Al-Ramel, Mohammad Abdullah Al-Said, Mahdi Khalaf, Said Khalaf, Hussein Abdullah Khalaf, Abdullah Al-Shajar, Ahmad Al-Hayeki and Montadhar Abbas Marhoun.

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