British MPs Put Forward Motion Calling for Release of Bahraini Opposition Leaders

2015-10-30 - 11:52 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): A group of British Members of Parliament have put forward a motion in the UK House of Commons on human rights abuses in Bahrain, calling for the release of Bahraini opposition leaders, mainly Al-Wefaq Secretary-General Sheikh Ali Salman.

The sponsors of the motion seek to receive as many signatures as possible.

This early day motion that was published on the UK Parliament website was submitted by MP Tom Brake and sponsored by five others, in which they expressed "dismay at the ongoing human rights violations in Bahrain, especially the detention of opposition leaders like Sheikh Ali Salman, Ebrahim Sharif, Fadhel Abbas, Majid Milad and others."

They further stated that they "believe that many arrests and detentions in Bahrain are unjust and are linked to people exercising their right to freedom of expression and opinion;" calling on the Government "to act to help secure the release of all prisoners of conscience in Bahrain."

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