Bahrain Clerics: We Can’t Stand Silent on Attacking Ashura Rituals

2015-10-22 - 9:51 م

Bahrain Mirror: The clerics of Bahrain denounced the attacks on Ashura rituals such as "tearing and taking down black Ashura banners and flags or attacking Ashura gatherings," deeming these acts a "blatant violation of religious freedoms guaranteed by the constitution, a serious assault on Ashura rituals that represent a red line to Shiites and a clear provocation of Ashura commemorators and all Shia sect followers in general."

In their statement issued on Wednesday (October 21, 2015), the clerics stressed that the attacks on Ashura rituals "are unacceptable" and added: "We cannot stand silent on this issue which will cause more serious tensions. The Ashura commemorators cannot stand silent on these abuses and will defend the Ashura rituals and manifestations with all their existence."

"The authorities must understand that such provoking acts against the Ashura rituals and practices don't serve security and stability in the country at all but rather the contrary, and must put an end to this completely," they concluded.

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