Local Newspaper: Bahrain's Education Ministry Delaying Promotions of 400 Teachers Since 2 Years

2015-10-21 - 7:27 م

Bahrain Mirror: A group of Bahraini teachers said that the Ministry of Education has been delaying for two years now the promotions of hundreds of teachers, estimated to have reached 400. These teachers have finished their education diploma program, which is a requirement for receiving a promotion.

They further stated that although they were supposed to receive promotions directly after their graduation two years ago, the ministry hasn't taken this step to date.

According to the local Bahraini newspaper Al-Wasat, they said that they graduated from the program before the decision to add promotions to the basic salaries of qualified teachers with academic diplomas was issued. Before this decision, promotions were given separately; 30 BD for those with master's degrees, 60 BD for those with PhDs and 10 BD for professional development program graduates.

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