Bahraini Interior Ministry Investigates Assaults by Ruling Family Member against Shiite Obsequies Yet without Results

2015-10-19 - 7:56 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Interior Ministry said that it is investigating the shooting incidents that took place southwest of the capital Manama, targeting two Shiite obsequies.

The Director-General of the Northern Governorate's Police Directorate stated that the directorate received two complaints about damages in two obsequies in the villages of Al-Hamla and Damestan on Friday (October 16, 2015), and also reporting gunshots.

"Security Patrols examined the site and found punctures in the obsequies doors and windows and 2 bullet shells at one of the sites," he added.

The Director-General further stated that "the objects were confiscated, the necessary measures were taken and search and investigation operations have been launched to discover the identity of the perpetrators, take them into custody and bring them to justice. The Public Prosecution has been informed about the incident."

The residents of the area said that the gunman is one of a member of the ruling family called Khalid bin Al Khalifa. The residents have previously complained about firearm attacks committed by him on mosques in the area.

In December 16, 2014, a video was circulated showing him standing near protestors in Al-Hamla village while shooting them with shotgun pellets and shouting derogatory sectarian terms.

An Interior Ministry official issued a statement the following day claiming that "an investigation has been launched," but until this day, no investigation results have been announced.

In March, 2015, the same aforementioned person had also threatened to kill the residents of Al-Hamla village.

The UK Cambridge University conducted a "Small Arms Survey" which was supervised by 8 European governments. Bahrain was listed among the top 20 countries who have the most authorized individual owned firearms compared to the population. Bahrain came in 18th place out of 179 countries around the world who were included in this survey.

The survey stated that "there are 180,000 authorized arms owned by civilians in Bahrain," which means 25 arms per 100 persons.

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