Deputy Hezbollah Secretary-General: Saudi Occupation of Yemen & Bahrain Will Face Defeat

2015-10-17 - 9:47 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Deputy Secretary-General of Lebanon's Hezbollah, Sheikh Naim Qassem, described the Saudi-led military operations in Yemen and Saudi Arabia's military intervention in Bahrain as an "occupation," stressing that "it will not last and shall face a huge defeat."

Sheikh Qassem further stated in his address during an Ashura gathering organized by Hezbollah in the southern suburb of the Lebanese capital Beirut on Thursday (October 15, 2015) that "Saudi Arabia is contributing to worsening the crises in the region, and seeks to destroy the states in the region to impose its authority," advising it to "reevaluate its judgements."

"The Saudi intervention in the region has become the manifestation of crimes, terrorism and crises," he added, accusing Saudi Arabia of sponsoring "Al-Qaeda and ISIS."

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