Bahraini Cabinet Decides to Merge Gov’t Entities to Reduce Costs

2015-10-06 - 10:59 م

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain News Agency (BNA) said that the government approved during its session on Monday (October 5, 2015) to merge some governmental entities to avoid duplication of work, increase productivity and reduce the costs pursuant to the recommendations of the executive Committee chaired by the Crown Prince.

The cabinet approved to merge the e-Government Authority and the Central Informatics Organization (CIO) under one office named "Office of E-Government and Information".

It also passed a draft law to terminate the General Organization for Youth and Sports and transfer its responsibilities to the Ministry of Youth and Sports and a draft law to transfer the responsibilities of the Supreme Council for Vocational Training to the Labour Fund (Tamkeen).

The cabinet approved a draft law to incorporate the National Health Regulatory Authority into the Supreme Health Council and to amend some provisions of law 38 of 2009 through establishing the national committee to regulate professions and health services.

It also approved a draft decree-law to incorporate the Bahrain Exhibition and Convention Authority into the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, headed by the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, a draft law to amend some provisions of 62 of 2006 through establishing and organizing Bahrain Exhibition and Convention Authority and a draft law amending some provisions of decree law No. 15 of 1986 related to issuing organizing tourism.

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