Gulf Air Denies Suspending its Flights to Iran

2015-10-05 - 11:03 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Emirati Al-Bayan newspaper said that a source from Gulf Air, the official carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain, denied stopping the company's flights to Iran following the withdrawal of the Bahraini ambassador to Tehran and expelling Iran's charge d'affaires from Manama and declaring him "Persona non-grata."

Bahrain always accuses Iran of meddling in its internal affairs, which Iran denies. The Bahraini authorities say that Tehran supports the Shiite majority who have been protesting to demand political reforms since 2011.

Iranian media said on Friday (September 2, 2015) that Iranian Foreign Ministry, in a reciprocating step, expelled Bahrain's charge d'affaires in Tehran and declared him 'Persona non grata' giving him 72 hours to leave Iranian territory.

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