Unemployed Doctors Say Health Ministry Delayed Announcing Names of Doctors Accepted in Intern Program

2015-09-30 - 2:31 ص

Bahrain Mirror: A number of unemployed doctors said that the Bahraini Ministry of Health announced that the 1st of October will be the first day to enroll in the intern program. It; however, has not announced the names of those who were accepted in the program yet.

The doctors explained that "the Ministry of Health started the competition exams for the freshly graduated doctors (August 6, 2015) in the Arabian Gulf University, and made the personal interviews between 9-13 August. This means that more than month has passed since the exams and personal interviews were made. The ministry has asked us, as doctors, to finish the requirements to apply for the intern vacancies at that time, claiming that there is a large number of doctors who will apply for these vacancies at the ministry."

"We took the exams and the results were expected to be announced after a few days yet more than a month has passed and we know nothing about who was accepted or rejected in the intern program yet, especially that the program will start on the 1st of October, which just days away. This amount of time is not enough to get to know the programs in which the doctors were accepted and it won't be enough to sign a intern contract," they added.

The unemployed doctors further stated: "We contacted the ministry after taking the competition exams to know the results. We; however, have been told to wait and that the results will be announced soon. We have been graduated as doctors since years and we know nothing about our future yet. The Ministry of Health still refuses to hire us, claiming that there are no vacancies and employing budget, noting that the ministry proposed the intern program to solve the doctors' unemployment crisis. The program is costly, especially in the light of what the officials announced regarding the intern program that guarantees all the rights and privileges of the Bahraini intern doctors. The officials said that the program's cost exceeds 3 million BD."

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