PR Campaign Aimed at Polishing Bahrain's Reputation Kicks Off in the US

2015-09-29 - 5:19 م

Bahrain Mirror: A governmental event kicked off on Friday (September 25, 2015) aiming at enhancing Bahrain's image in the US city of New York which embraces the headquarters of United Nations and permanent missions for UN member states. This event also took place in the US capital, Washington D.C.

200 people are participating in the "This is Bahrain" event. They traveled at government expense and are determined to present Bahrain as a country of coexistence, although the authorities demolished 38 Shiite mosques and although all the reports of human rights organizations talk about the blatant and systematic discrimination against the Shiite majority in the country.

According to official sources, the event kicked off on September 24 and will continue until September 29. It will include a press conference during which the members of the governmentally funded delegation will talk about "Bahrain's cultural, development and democratic achievements."

Bahrain has been subjected to severe criticism by international human rights organizations and world powers after it suppressed the peaceful opposition protests, demanding an elected government. Bahrain's ongoing clampdown on the peaceful movement led to ongoing criticism of the human rights record in the gulf kingdom.

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