Nabeel Rajab: HR Institutions Ready to Help Bahrain Implement Geneva Statement Recommendations

2015-09-16 - 1:04 ص

Bahrain Mirror: President of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR), Nabeel Rajab, said that the human rights institutions in Bahrain are ready to help Bahrain implement the recommendations listed in the joint statement signed by 33 states at the 30th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva on Monday (September 14, 2015).

On his Twitter account, Rajab said: "The statement was issued today (Monday, September 14, 2015) and was signed by 33 states. They are expected to increase within the coming days. Germany and the United Kingdom joined the signatories after they accepted their condition to decrease the intensity of the statement," adding that "a wise response from the Bahraini government side would be a positive approach, acceptance of the statement's recommendations and starting to implement the recommendations that the government has already committed itself to implement."

"We, as human rights institutions, working on the Bahraini issue, are ready to give a hand in implementing these human rights and other recommendations whenever the government has the will to do so," Rajab further stated.

The Swiss delegation made a joint statement on behalf of 33 states which criticized the deterioration of the human rights situation in Bahrain, and called on the Government of Bahrain to open "an inclusive national dialogue" to put an end to the crisis the erupted in the country 5 years ago.

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