Bahrain’s Northern Governorate Convenes with 120 Representatives of Husseini Obsequies to Discuss Security Needs

2015-09-10 - 11:04 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Northern Governorate of Bahrain stated on Wednesday (September 9, 2015) that it called on 120 representatives of Husseini obsequies and processions to convene Thursday (September 10, 2015), to discuss preparations for the mourning season over Imam Hussein's martyrdom, during the first two months of the Islamic calendar, Muharram and Safar.

It added that the meeting which Jaffari Waqf Directorate representatives will attend aims at specifying the main services and security and organization requirements by coordinating with the leaders of Husseini obsequies and funeral processions in order to send request to the competent authorities.

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