Bahraini Prosecution: Man Accused of Insulting Bahraini Soldiers Killed in Yemen May Face Up to 10 Years in Prison

2015-09-10 - 3:14 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Chief Prosecutor of the Northern Governorate, Mohammed Salah, said the Public Prosecution received a report from the cybercrime directorate indicating that someone published posts on one of his social media accounts insulting the Bahraini soldiers who joined the coalition forces, the martyrs and a sect of people.

The prosecution began interrogating the accused after arresting him, and ordered to have him detained for 7 days pending investigations after accusing him of "deliberately spreading rumors in a time of war to harm the military operations of our armed forces". This crime is punishable by up to 10 years in jail. The accused also faces a charge of having hatred and contempt against a sect. The prosecution is proceeding with its investigations in order to refer the accused to an urgent trial.

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