9 HR Organizations Call for Parweez’s Immediate Release

2015-09-09 - 9:41 م

Bahrain Mirror: Nine human rights organizations expressed their deep concern over the health deterioration of the prominent human rights defender Mohammad Hassan Jawad known as Parweez (68 years old), who is serving a 15-year jail term "after a series of trials categorized by international organizations as trials that lack the simplest standards of justice".

The organizations saw that the ongoing arrest of Parweez is a result of his peaceful and legitimate work in defending human rights, particularly his work related to defending the detainees' rights, and called for his release so that he would receive treatment inside Bahrain or abroad without any restrictions or provisions.

In a statement, the organizations called for allowing Parweez to enjoy his right to receive treatment and hold accountable whoever tortured him and supervised his torture after his arrest, as well as all human rights violators in Bahrain.

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