Detainee Parweez Calls his Family: I’m Not Fine

2015-09-09 - 2:17 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Human rights defender and Chairman of the European-Bahraini Organization for Human Rights, Hussein Jawad Parweez, said that his 68-year-old imprisoned father "Parweez" made a phone call to his family and sounded weary.

"He told us that he is in the "Al-Qalaa" hospital," said Jawad in a number of tweets adding that "he suffers from constant dizziness and can't focus, stand or even walk. He also has severe pain in his back."

"He is prevented from reading Quran, Dua prayers and newspapers. He, as well, is prevented from watching television. He asked for a Qur'an but they refused to offer him one," Jawad continued.

"My father Parweez said that he was told to call his family and tell them he is fine; however, he stressed during the phone call that he is not fine," he further stated, pointing out that "the Ministry of Interior was willing to transfer him to the hospital with his hands cuffed, but he refused. Thus, they transferred him without cuffing his hands due to his health deterioration." Parweez stated that "the doctors and nurses in Al-Qalaa hospital are performing their duties towards him and treating him well."

"We, as a family, think that our father's health deterioration is due to his old age and lack of treatment, in addition to the prison's environment where he is languishing away along with his companions," Jawad said.

Parweez, who is considered the oldest political prisoner in Bahraini prisons, is sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment over what is known as the "figures" case, due to his leading role in the February 14 protests.

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