Bahrain’s MoI Continues to Hunt Down Tweeters Opposing War on Yemen: “Haji Ahmed” Arrested

2015-09-09 - 12:03 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Ministry of Interior said it arrested a Tweeter for "insulting" the Bahraini soldiers killed in Yemen, less than 24 hours after taking another into custody over the same charge.

The cybercrime department affiliated to the Ministry of Interior stated that "a man was arrested for defamatory posts and other social media violations on soldiers killed in action using the account name Haji Ahmed."

Director-General of the Anti-Corruption, Economic and Electronic Security Directorate announced on Saturday (September 5, 2015) that the owner of the Twitter account (Bou Khamees) was referred to the Public Prosecution for "insulting Bahrain's martyrs" on social media.

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