BHRS Received Information About Deterioration of Mohammad Jawad Pervez’s Health

2015-09-07 - 11:21 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahrain Human Rights Society (BHRS) expressed great concern after receiving information about the health deterioration of prisoner of conscience, Mohammad Hassan Pervez (68 years old), who is serving a 15-year prison term. Pervez has spent almost 5 years of this term and has suffered from rapid health deterioration following his arrest in March 2011.

BHRS stressed that detainee Pervez has the right to receive good treatment, serious therapy by specialized doctors and inclusive health care in order to save his life, urging the competent parties to provide him with health care and urgent necessary treatment, and release him due to his health condition and old age, so that he would be able to receive treatment in Bahrain or abroad.

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