VIDEO: Bahraini King’s Son Calls on Every Bahraini Soldier to Kill 5 Yemenis in Reprisal for Fellow Soldiers’ Deaths

2015-09-05 - 9:53 م

Bahrain Mirror: Nasser bin Hamad, the Bahraini King's son, called on every soldier in the Bahraini military to kill 5 Yemenis in reprisal for the 5 Bahraini soldiers who were killed in attack on a military base in Yemen's Ma'rib, which left 45 Emirati soldiers and 5 Bahraini soldiers killed, according to official statements.

A video posted by Nasser bin Hamad on his personal Instagram account showed the King's son, who is accused of torturing opponents of the regime, wearing a military uniform in a hospital, believed to be the military hospital, addressing the Bahraini soldiers returning from Yemen.

"They took five of us, and we want from everyone of you to take five of them," he said, addressing the soldiers deployed there to retaliate for the deaths of five Bahraini soldiers.

An official statement by the Bahrain Defense Force (BDF) confirmed that "Mohammed Nabeel Hamad‎, Mohammed Hafedh Younis, Abdul-Qadir Hassan Al-Alas, Hasan Iqbal Mohammed, Mohammed Nabeel Hamad‎ and Abdul-Monem Ali Hussain were killed trying to defend legitimacy in Yemen."

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