British Lawyer Toby Cadman to LuaLua TV: My Government’s Statement is Pathetic & Makes Me Deeply Ashamed

2015-09-05 - 8:06 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): British lawyer and founder of International Forum for Democracy and Human Rights, Toby Cadman, described his government's statement that Bahrain is travelling in the right direction is "absolutely ridiculous and pathetic," stressing that it makes him "deeply ashamed."

In an interview with LuaLua TV channel aired on Monday (September 7, 2015), Cadman said: "There has been no progress whatsoever in the reforms in Bahrain since 2011, there had been no meaningful steps taken and if anything the situation is getting progressively worse."

"It couldn't [be] worse because it is no longer considered to be on the agenda of the United Nations and that's where the problem lies," he added.

During the Be Right show presented by journalist Nour El-Zein, Cadman called on the United Nations to put this issue "back on the agenda," stressing that "it needs to be made an item in the upcoming human rights council session which starts next month, and then there needs to be a proper discussion as to what Bahrain has done to comply with these steps because frankly it has done absolutely nothing."

"Now perhaps for my country the economic ties with Bahrain are more important than human rights violations, and if that so, then my government has to be exposed for that as well because it is as I said it's embarrassing that a country that stands so high for human rights protection would turn a blind eye to such conduct in the contrast with economic ties." he further stated.

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