Al-Wefaq Seminar on Discrimination: Salem Demands Education Ministry to Have Transparency and Offer Equal Opportunities

2015-09-03 - 1:22 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Shura member of Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, Dr. Sayed Hashem Salman, said that discrimination in employment is illustrated by statistics and if the situation in the private sector continues as it is, i.e by allowing foreign workers to replace us, we will face tragic consequences and high poverty rates. Thus, we need to mobilize all our efforts towards demanding fair job opportunities.

During a seminar organized by Al-Wefaq Monday night (August 30, 2015) on discrimination in Bahrain, the head of the education team, former Member of Parliament Salman Salem, wondered why we are concerned about discrimination in the educational sector?, explaining that "it's because education is the stimulator that targets the youth and qualifies them to welcome life in all its aspects; it is the main pillar. If discrimination is found in education, corruption will be found in everything. If all this corruption is infesting the educational institution, this means that corruption will affect everything. If we go for the best choice in education, this means that we have chosen the best in all aspects of life and it will reflect on the future of the entire country."

Salem added that there are clear indications of discrimination in the education sector: "When there is a lack of transparency with regards to promotions and jobs in the educational institution, this implies the existence of discrimination. When teachers are transferred from a post to another, this also indicates discrimination. When we meet students who are dismissed, prosecuted and are charged with fines, this also indicates discrimination. There is no other meaning for this. This remains the main issue, unless the ministry proves otherwise."

"As for the high-ranking students, we find that they were deprived of scholarships. This also indicates discrimination. However, the ministry is incapable of justifying its decisions, so how do we then give the situation a name other than "discrimination", Salem added, stressing that all what they are "asking the ministry to do is have transparency and offer equal opportunities which do not agree with discrimination."

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