200 Phantom Employees on Monthly Payroll in Justice Ministry and Under Secretary Dismissed

2015-08-22 - 12:01 ص

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Information revealed that 200 phantom employees are registered in the Bahraini Ministry of Justice and receive monthly salaries. Thus, an internal investigation has led to the dismissal of the Assistant Under Secretary for Human and Financial Resources in the Ministry of Justice, Imad Ahmed Ibrahim Obeid.

Obeid who runs both the "human and financial resources" and "information system management" was dismissed 2 months ago, as the national audit office and civil service bureau were trying their best to hide the issue.

The available information did not disclose whether the names of the 200 employees are real names of employees registered with the ministerial staff, who stay home and receive their salaries at the end of every month, or they are only fake names of phantom individuals.

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