BFHR: Sheikh Hassan Isa, 7th MP to be Arrested in Bahrain

2015-08-20 - 5:40 م

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain Forum for Human Rights (BFHR) said that the arrest of the senior member of Al-Wefaq Society and former Member of Parliament in Bahrain, Sheikh Hassan Isa, who was arrested on Tuesday (August 18, 2015), after his return from a trip abroad, represents "a continuation of the political retaliatory approach adopted against dissent since the movement  of popular demands launched in 2011 in the LouLoua (Pearl) Roundabout."

BFHR added in a statement issued on Wednesday (August 19, 2015) that "this dangerous approach in targeting MPs is illegal", indicating that 7 MPs were arbitrarily arrested, including 6 from Al-Wefaq and the last of which was the former MP and Al-Wefaq Secretary-General, Sheikh Ali Salman, who was sentenced to four years in prison.

BFHR pointed out that it will address the Inter-Parliamentary Union, high commissioner and international human rights organizations to inform them about the dangers that threaten these MPs, demand that a safe environment be provided for them and their parliamentary and political work. The forum also called for the immediate release of Sheikh Hassan Isa and putting an end to the illegal arrests of MPs, politicians and human rights defenders.

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